Doggerland’s lost world

During the last Ice-age Great Britain was directly connected to the European continent.

About 100 km northwest of the Dutch coast we find today "The Doggersbank". A seabank in the middle of the Nortsea. An that is all what's left from Doggerland, essentially an entire prehistoric European country.
Looking at the area between mainland Europe and the eastern coast of Great Britain, you probably wouldn’t guess it had been anything other than a great expanse of ocean water. But roughly 12,000 years ago, as the last major ice age was reaching its end, the area was very different. Instead of the North Sea, the area was a series of gently sloping hills, marshland, heavily wooded valleys, and swampy lagoons: Doggerland.
However as a result of the sea level rising in the Holocene Doggersland disappeared beneath the North Sea.

National Geographic Education Has now produced a interesting map of Pleistocene Europe


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