A Deep 7+ earthquake

A tweet from Erik Klemetti today: Wow, that Izu-Bonin earthquake was at a depth of over 600 km? Impressive in size and depth.

When on Saturday evening (local time) skyscrapers swayed, the power went out and trains were stopped in Tokyo, people feared for the worst. The memories of the giant earthquake of March 2011 were still too fresh. Four years ago a huge tsunami inundated the east coast of Japan and caused a partial meltdown of the reactors of the Fukushima nuclear power plant. But after a minute or so of anxiety on Saturday, no tsunami alert was issued and the trains on the Shinkansen lines, Japan's iconic high speed rail, began running again. Although the quake's strength registered with a magnitude of 7.8 - the same as the devastating Nepal event a month ago - only a few injuries and hardly any damage were reported.


When the shaking was over people in Japan continued with their regular weekend business, but seismologists all over the globe looked at the recordings of this earthquake in awe and utter surprise: Saturday's quake was the deepest temblor of its size ever measured.

Source: Berkeley Seismological Lab  >>>

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